ABIMS Bulletin


Alumni News

We are happy to announce that Al-Barkaat Institute of Management Studies, Aligarh has formed its Alumni Association named as “ABIMS Alumni Association” so that necessary contacts are developed with its students and time to time the ‘Alumni Meets’ are arranged inviting them at one platform to share their experiences as the students of ABIMS and also the professional experience being in their respective professions. This will enable them to know about their Institute’s progress, its day to day developments and various activities being undertaken by it. It will also help the Institute and its students studying here in getting their Summer Trainings /Internships as well as the final Placements for their job.

With this in view, a List of alumni available with the Institute with their available details is furnished as under with a request to other students to get their names registered as a member of the “ABIMS Alumni Association” under ‘Alumni Registration’ Column.